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Turkey Day is Here!

It is finally here! The day where everyone throws diets out the door and digs in. Thanksgiving is a day of giving thanks and of course….. The Turkey. While you are putting that turkey on your plate, have you ever wanted to know a few fun facts about that bird you are about to eat? Well here are 5 facts about the turkey that you can think about before you devour it!
1. Turkeys recognize each other by their unique voices.
2. Researchers have identified more than 20 distinct vocalizations in wild turkeys.
3. Turkeys have excellent geography skills and can learn the specific details of an area of more than 1,000 acres.
4. Like cats and dogs, turkeys are intelligent and sensitive animals who form strong social bonds and show great affection to others.
5. Every year, more than 46 million turkeys are prepared for Thanksgiving holiday dinners.

By: TeamAG

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